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Best IP Telephone System Dubai

 Best IP telephone system

The advancement in VOIP technology made the IP based telephone systems to be a cool solution for the businesses. The benefits of the system is that the you need not be worried of the cabling and other hitches that you normally face during the conventional telephone installation. In the VOIP system the communication is being carried out through the broadband line. Hence the IP telephone system is said to be very practical and economical. Deciding on the right and best IP telephone system is really a challenging Job. Once you have decided to implement IP telephone system for your business, not only that you need to think about the present requirements but the future needs also be taken into consideration. Organizations have good reasons to embrace telephone systems. Whatsoever the reasons, it is your responsibility to have the communication infrastructure with the advanced telephone systems. You have a broader option of IP telephone systems in the market, but the selection of suitable system is really tough. The fact is that the VoIP phone service is the ultimate solution that you have been looking for!

What are the benefits of using IP telephone system for your business?

The advantages that one can expect from the VOIP systems are cost savings, flexibility, sound quality and other highlights including call forwarding, call waiting, caller identification, automatic redial and conference calls to name a few. Let’s look how it is beneficial with regard to the above defined factors.

Cost savings; The IP telephone system initially seem to be a costly investment. But the reality is that it is an effective system that allow you to save money and time. It also eliminate initial set up and installation cost.

Sound quality: IP telephone systems delivers exceptional quality of sound. With the same quality of sound you can make even long distance calls. Unlike the traditional phone networks, the chance of occurring calls dropping is less.

Flexibility: With the remote extension features and all, you can ensure that you can be reached wherever you are. This is an important factor for the business owners who are on the move and are worried about picking the calls.

Best Telephone System DubaiMost of the IP systems are designed to address the various need of your business. With the user-friendly operating features any one can easily use the system. Due to the benefits it offers an IP telephone system is obviously a worth to your organization. The other benefits that these systems does offer includes

  • Voicemail

  • Phone displays

  • Auto attendant

  • Speaker phones

  • Branch office support

  • Call return

  • Call forwarding

  • Call waiting

  • Conference calling support

  • Easy integration with the CRMs and other applications

  • Unlimited VOIP service

  • Remote phone use

  • User friendly graphical user interface

Features may vary depending on the brands. You have lot of options when it comes to the selection of the VOIP systems. Some of the biggest brands who are particularly involved in the manufacturing of advanced systems includes Grandstream, Panasonic, Yeastar, CISCO, NEC, Samsung, LG-Ericsson, Sangoma, Avaya and more. The features that these systems providing are really worth to business of all sizes. Therefore once you have finalized your decision you can approach an experienced IP telephony provider for the selection of best IP telephone installation in Dubai.

How the IP system will be beneficial for your business in Dubai?

  • What it seems to the users initially that these systems are difficult to handle and implement. But the truth is otherwise – IP telephone system is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use. It can be well managed through the use of Web based programs that makes even a novice person to use it without any frustration.

  • As the VOIP systems doesn’t require any cabling the systems can be easily accommodated. It do not create any mess up in the office infrastructure. As these are based on software, adding and assigning the users simply require a change in the configuration set up only.

  • With the remote functions and the conferencing facilities available in the IP telephone systems, the need for sending employees to branch office can be eliminated. Additionally, the customers and staffs can feel that they are communicating face to face meeting. And with the advanced messaging features such as the IVR, the company can leave out a message to customer incase the contactable person is not available.

  • As the calls are being floated through the internet, the business can save much on the call costs.

Technology has exactly changed the way the business communicates. In the evolving business world, failure to accept progressive technology means you are far behind than your competitors. Communication sector stand to gain the most with these systems, letting the companies to be more productive and proficient. To compete with the digital skills most companies are investing into restructuring the existing infrastructure or building a new one with the advanced telephone systems. Now it is essential – to gain a leading edge in the industry – to implement and measure with the trending communication systems.

Good solutions for a better future

If you think now is the right time to deploy or restructure your business communication systems. Our various solutions are in offer for you. Please contact us for a reliable TELEPHONY solutions in Dubai. As the leading IP telephone system distributor in Dubai, we deal with all types of PBX systems and solutions across the entire UAE region. We make you available all the feasible solutions that stands out with the branded conferencing systems and more. We plan, implement and incorporate the conference systems and the IP telephone systems that suits your business atmosphere making your business more dynamic. Our services are available in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well. So why hesitate to extend your decision on implementing with the leading Telephone Company in Dubai. Our IP conference solutions are intended to be as simple as you need.

Best IP Telephone System Dubai

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Yeastar S20 PBX System

Yeastar S20 IP PBX in Detail

Yeastar S20 is a stand -alone telephone system supplying an incomparable series of features to small business with much less compared to 20 individuals. It supports 10 concurrent telephone calls as well as different combinations of telephony ports consisting of FX S, PSTN, ISDN BRI, as well as GSM/ CDMA/ 3G. Powered by the newest CPU technology. The S20 represents Yeastar’s core principals of cost while remaining trustworthy, very easy to managed, and also virtually maintenance free. Developed for the small business, the configuration for the S Series is relatively simple.Yeastar’s S-Series PBX is a depend on worthwhile telephone system with one of the highest MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) in the industry. Based on Asterisk 13, S-Series is born to be powerful and also always satisfying your demands.  Yeastar MyPBX S20 is one of the best office telephone system suited for SMB.

Yeastar S20 PBX DubaiThe S20 is facilitated to make use of as well as configure many thanks to the built-in web GUI Yeastar has developed.Based on the Linux system, this GUI enables individuals to make the most of the effective Asterisk 13 operating system that powers their S20 or various other S series models.Depending on your priority level, you can customize the system to send out emails for straightforward problems: a straightforward e-mail can be sent for when an individual is incapable to login or locks their account, however business broad SMS messages can be sent to all individuals when the system fails totally.

Yeastar S-Series IP PBX gives adaptable telephony interfaces mix while permitting future scalability with the special modular design. Besides the built-in abundant SIP abilities, S-Series allows you determine exactly what types of expansions and also physical trunks you require in your telephone system.With Yeastar S20 IP PBX, all the telephony interfaces are modular and also customizable, whether it’s FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI or GSM/3G. Yeastar S20 has 2 onboard module ports, that allow you to connect your module of choice.

Yeastar S20 Specification

  • 20 users and 10 concurrent calls

  • 2 Card Slots and maximum 4 Analog, 4 BRI, and 1 GSM

  • Built-in call recording capability

  • Includes 20 SIP Trunks

  • intercom/ Paging

  • Include auto provisioning and LDAP

  • Licence Free Structure

  • Fax to email

  • Mobility extension

  • IVR

  • SIP forking

  • Voicemail to email

  • Find Me/Follow Me

  • Call Monitor

  • Call Detail Records (CDR)

  • Video Calls

  • User Privileges




Yeastar S20 PBX System

Yeastar S100 IP PBX

Yeastar S100 PBX System in Detail

Yeastar S100 is a powerful IP-PBX that could regulate your Office telephone system for 100 users and 30 concurrent calls nd can scale up to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls.The Yeastar S100 S-Series overall supplies an array of elements and also brand-new functions that need to assist consumers to delight efficient communications.Affordability, dependability, performance, as well as protection, are amongst the worthy of the S100.The Yeastar S100 Hardware consist of commercial top quality Freescale CPU (the i.MX 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A9 Quad Core) to handle the places people have the tendency to place PBXs like warm closets, oil well, and storage facilities as well as factories. The DDR3 1GB RAM and also 8 GB flash memory is enough to handle the complicated communication web traffics in a busy workplace.

Yeastar S100 Dubai

With the latest software upgrade to Asterisk 13 which is packed with new features, the Yeastar S-Series delivers greater productivity improvements for your business, and with no ongoing software subscription costs, ever. S100 is a cost-effective business communication system with a base configuration of 100 users and 30 concurrent calls and can scale up to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls. The flexible S100 comes with support for analog ports, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, and GSM networks.

The flexible Yeastar S100 features assistance for analog ports, ISDN BRI, E1/T1/PRI, and GSM networks. Yeastar S100 sustains expanding up to 2 Expansion boards (not included in the basic system) and also supports expanding one DSP module (not included). Powered by the newest cpu technology, Yeastar’s S-Series PBX is a count on worthy telephone system with one of the highest MTBF (Mean Time In between Failings) in the industry.

Available Modules

O2 Module: 2 FXO

SO Module: 1 FXS / 1FXO

S2 Module: 2 FXS

B2 Module: 2 BRI

GSM Module: 1 GSM

EX08 Module: Expansion Module for Above Cards

D30 Module- Increase The capacity of the system by 30 more concurrent calls and 100 more users.[ Support One D30 in S100]

EX30 Module – Support One E1/ PRI Line [ Support Two EX30 in S100]

Yeastar MyPBX S100 Specification

  • 100 users (expandable to 200)

  • 30 concurrent calls (expandable to 60)

  • Up to 6 GSM Modules

  • Up to16 BRI Ports

  • Music on hold

  • Call Recording

  • Call Detail Records (CDR)

  • 10,000 minutes of expandable voicemail storage

  • Add optional modules to activate additional ports up to 16 Analog, 16 BRI, 6 GSM, and 2 E1/T1/J1

  • 2 interfaces for expansion cards (EX08 1 PRI card or EX30 mounting card for 4 modules)

  • 100 SIP trunks

  • Automated attendant (IVR)

  • Conference

  • Fax to Email

  • Video Calls

  • Follow Me

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Auto-provisioning, LDAP, and more



Yeastar S100 IP PBX

Yeastar S300 IP PBX

Yeastar S300 Features in Detail

Designed with the small and medium-sized companies in mind, Yeastar S300 can handle up to 500 users as well as designed making use of the new technology. Yeastar S300 supplies phenomenal cost savings, efficiency as well as effectiveness, providing power, quality and also assurance. You can save time with easy installation as well as easy to maintain because Yeastar’s S300 PBX can be configured easily with auto-configuration, auto-detect as well as plug-and-play capabilities.

Yeastar S300 Dubai

Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX offers versatile telephony user interfaces mix while permitting future scalability with the special modular design. Besides the integrated rich SIP capacities, S300 allows you to decide exactly what types of extensions and physical trunks you require in your telephone system. When your business expands, including more customers as well as simultaneous calls is also possible with S300. With Yeastar S300 all the telephone user interfaces are modular as well as adjustable, whether it’s FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G, or E1/T1/PRI. The System capacity can additionally enhance with D30 Cards.D30 is a DSP component, utilized to expand the capacity of PBX. With each D30 module included, the extensions increase 100, as well as boost 30 in additional concurrent calls.

Powered by the newest processor innovation, Yeastar’s S300 PBX is a count on deserving telephone system with one of the highest possible MTBF (Mean Time In between Failings) in the industry. Based on Asterisk 13, S300 is born to be powerful and regularly fulfilling your communication needs.With progressed failover, safety and security, surveillance and reporting capacities as typical, incorporated with an interior firewall and also with support for TLS and SRTP file encryption, there has actually never been such a robust system.It is the best telephone system to choose as your office telephone system.

Yeastar MyPBX S300 Specification

  • 300 Users (expandable to 500)

  • 30 Concurrent Calls (expandable to 120)

  • Up to 3 E1/T1/PRI Ports

  • Up to 24 BRI Ports

  • Up to 24 FXS/FXO Ports

  • 3 interfaces for expansion cards (EX08 1 PRI card or EX30 mounting card for 4 modules)

  • 1U rack mountable

  • 10,000 minutes of expandable voicemail storage

  • Call Recording

  • Call Monitoring

  •  Call Detail Records

  • CRM Integration Capability

  • Email to SMS/SMS to email

  • Paging / intercom

  • Mobility extension

  • Voicemail to email

  • Music on hold

Yeastar S300 IP PBX

Phone System Installation

Business Phone System Installation

Whether you need a simple system or a complex high user count phone system,  VDS can design it for your office or business.Our solutions and expert installation make communication with your client or co worker seamless.When it come to phone system installation why trust anyone other than a integrator with experience & In house expertise. At VDS , we know our products, and we have the best-qualified technicians to service them.

Industry Leading Products

We carry industry’s leading telephony products to fullfill your business requirement. We can provide best telephone system installation service available in Dubai.We are a company with experience  in telecommunications exclusively. Unlike data and networking companies that make business phone systems as a sideline, VDS sets the standard in design of quality products for corporate communications. As a result, we now hold the largest share in several segments of the telecom market in Dubai, UAE



With Office phone system installation from VDS, you won’t be dealing with a call center or a third party. As a locally-owned company, we offer the fast, personalized service that you would expect from a Telephone company  with the experience and resources.. For the best phone system installation in Dubai, UAE, go with the company that offers the personal touch, you only get from an established local business.


Contact us today for avaya installation , nec installation, panasonic installation , dlink pbx installation, yeastar installation , mypbx installation, cisco installation and zycoo installation for Dubai.

Phone System Installation

Nec Pbx Dubai


As one of the world s greatest telecommunication companies, NEC’ s portfolio of systems delivers the best technology can offer. NEC offers a wide range of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from the greater productivity today’s phones provide. The UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, in-building wireless systems and softphones help  worker quickly and reliably access tools, information and individuals anywhere and at anytime. The many customisable options and advanced features available on NEC phones provide businesses even more flexibility in how they communicate

Nec SV8300

NEC-SV8300The UNIVERGE SV8300 communications server is the ideal system for medium-sized businesses that wish to compete and grow their businesses over time. This robust, feature-rich solution is completely scalable and can be expanded to meet your communications needs both now and in the future.

  • Support of up to 1536 stations and 512 trunks

  • 19” stackable chassis architecture

  • Scalability for the growing business

  • Support for VoIP and traditional voice

  • Enhanced centralized management

  • Enables Unified Communications integration.

Nec SV8100

NEC-SV8100-DUBAIThe SV8100 is a unique communication Server solution for small to medium size business as up to 500 users. Its expandability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform.The SV8100 Communications Server offers a scalable, reliable, full-featured communications solution to meet a growing business’s needs.Deployment of a pure IP solution or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology is supported on a single SV8100 system.The SV8100 offers centralized management of phones, data systems and platforms; moves, adds and changes of SV8100 phones are quick and easy. Just plug any phone into any jack wherever it is needed and it is ready to go.

  • Unique interchangeable handset design

  • Unique Net link survivability between branches

  • Unique Bluetooth handset

  • Modular architecture for economical scalability

  • VoIP and traditional voice support

  • Aggressively priced

  • Embedded applications including voice mail

  • Mobile Extensions at no extra cost

Nec SL1000

NEC-SL1000SL1000 is an intelligent cost-effective telecommunication system that is equipped with capability to adapt functions for immediate and emerging business needs, covering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small offices, home offices (SOHOs).SL1000 is equipped with rich Built-in functions that improve the employees’ communication environment, contributing to save the Total Cost of Ownership.SL1000 provides Hybrid ports, realizing seamless integration of multiline terminal, single line telephones, facsimiles, and more without complex settings.SL1000 provides Hybrid ports, realizing seamless integration of multiline terminal, single line telephones, facsimiles, and more without complex settings.

  • Room monitoring from outside

  • Warning Message during night mode

  • Remote Inspection, with auto-emergency call

  • Sensor Connectivity with auto-emergency call and warning message sending

  • Built-In Auto Answer

  • (Standby mode) during night mode

  • TDM/IP Coverage

  • ISDN Compatibility

  • Voice Mail Integration

  • Paging Announcement

  • Programmable Function Keys


Nec Pbx Dubai

Maintenance Contract

Maintenance Contract for Telephone System

We understand how important it is for you to have fast and effective support and maintenance, so our support services have been carefully structured with your business in mind.

maintenance contract for telephone system can be provided on a range of telephone systems including, Panasonic, Avaya , Nec ,Cisco ,Yeastar, Dlink & Zycoo. Our field based engineers cover DUBAI, ABU DHABI , SHARJAH,  AJMAN,  UMM AL QAIWAIN ,  RAS AL KHAIMAH and FUJAIRAH.

What do we offer new customers?

Switch your existing maintenance support contract over to VDS or take out maintenance on a new telephone system and we will:

  •     Carry out a detailed audit on your current communications.

  •     Find out more about your business and its challenges.

  •     Advise you on potential productivity enhancement or cost savings.

  •  Review your system programming and make necessary changes.

  • Cleanse and back up your database to ensure efficient operation.

Our Maintenance contact for telephone system is our guarantee towards customer. We will make sure your business communication will be up and running all the time .


We Offer  the following Maintenance Contract for Telephone System

  • Avaya Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Panasonic Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Nec Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Yeastar Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Dlink Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Cisco Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Zycoo Annual Maintenance Contract

  • Asterisk Annual Maintenance Contract

Telephone System Maintenance Overview

VDS believes that our greatest asset is our ability to provide the best possible service. Our certified and highly trained Telephone  technicians enable us to diagnose and repair problems with the minimum amount of downtime. We hold adequate spare parts which allow us to respond to your service request within the contracted response times. We provide service 24 hours a day 365 days year.


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Why have maintenance on your Telephone / PABX system?

  • Budget and Savings; Maintenance aligns a company’s budget with its telephone operating costs. If a major failure occurs, the yearly maintenance plan would cover such an occurrence instead of a costly unplanned system failure.

  • Peace of Mind; Knowing that your system is covered can give assurance that if major outages happen to your system, it is covered and it will be back up and running without costly repairs.

  • Priority Service; Preferred customer status gets you the fastest response time for service while putting your company at the front of the line.

  • Free Phone Support; Need help with the operation of a phone handset? Maintenance customers receive free over the phone support included with the maintenance agreement.

  • Monthly Technician Visit; VDS will provide an onsite technician visit to insure your system will stay running smooth. The onsite visit can point out potential problems and correct them before they occur saving you money.

  •  Review your system programming and make necessary changes.

  •  Cleanse and back up your database to ensure efficient operation.

Maintenance Contract

Hikvision Distributor Dubai

Hikvision Distributor Dubai

Security has become a major concern for business now. Due to the increasing thefts and crimes, businesses force to protect its environment and its employees with the advanced security measures. Entrepreneurs now rely on advanced measures such as the CCTV surveillance to have a reliable security coverage. Besides providing security, it has the role as a productivity booster among the employees too. In many ways, CCTV security definitely is a perfect tool to monitor the activities happening around your business or homes.

Are you ready for a security switch over?

As most think, implementing CCTV systems is not an expensive matter. An experienced CCTV provider can design and install a suitable security solution for you. To protect the assets and the premises, no other systems monitor better than the CCTV security systems does.

The benefits of deploying CCTV systems are many and it includes

  • The presence of CCTV discourage the robbery attempts

  • Improve productivity among employees

  • Extends wide surveillance

  • Encourage good behavior

  • And more

With  CCTV security Systems, you can safeguarding your business and employees in sophisticated way. To meet various surveillance needs, both the outdoor and internal surveillance, you are required to implement with the right CCTV security cameras and systems. It is important to choose the best systems available in the market. Hikvision is the leading manufacturer of high quality CCTV cameras and recording systems. The security solution with the Hikvision products ensure a perfect CCTV surveillance allowing you to have peace of mind.

Hikvision Distributor Dubai

Once you have determined to install security systems at your workplace, it is good to approach a reliable Hikvision distributor in Dubai. VDS Dubai is focused to providing advanced security solutions to the industries across UAE. Being a leading Hikvision supplier in Dubai, we have the right systems and solutions for your ever-expanding business.

The portfolio of Hikvision camera systems include IP cameras and analog cameras.

Hikvision IP Camera DubaiHikvision IP cameras 

The Hikvision IP cameras are known for its advanced features and functionalities. Having the ability to deliver high quality images in varied weather and lighting conditions, these cameras are a great bet for your business. It makes the surveillance more refined and advanced. The varied type of IP cameras include thermal cameras, panoramic camera, phasing out camera and much more. Here are some of the features that you can make note of it – Good quality resolution, High Definition real time video, Power over Ethernet facility, Solid design, Night vision, Good frame rate, Weather proof casing and so on.

Hikvision Analog Camera DubaiHikvision Analog Cameras

With the Hikvision analog cameras you can make a perfect analog surveillance system. Being a cost-effective solution, these are useful for any kind of outdoor and indoor surveillance. These high quality analog cameras can produce the kind of desired outcomes. The type of Hikvision HD analog cameras include Turbo HD camera and CCD camera HD-SDI cameras.

Hikvision HD Camera dubaiHikvision HDCVI Cameras

HDTVI Cameras preserves the convenience of an analog system while providing megapixel resolution. HDCVI Cameras allow high-definition surveillance systems possible without replacing existing cabling or substituting IP cameras.Designed with H.264+ compression, Hikvision HDTVI solution dramatically reduces bitrates by up to 50% while maintaining high transmission quality.


Hikvision NVR DubaiNetwork Video recorder

Network Video Recorder has been designed to use with the IP cameras where it manage and store the recordings in an effective way. Hikvision NVRs can be remotely accessed through local area network and internet. Its reliable nature and the capability to deliver quality performance brands Hikvision NVR a good option for the IP surveillance system.

Hikvision DVR DubaiDigital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder is for Analog Surveillance system. With multitude of options and features Hikvision DVR offers advanced recording capabilities. Hikvision DVR allows to record digitally and the various digital technologies including video analytics and remote access over the networks makes it a favorable choice for the Analog surveillance system.

Hikvision CCTV Dubai

Hikvision CCTV is world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions. Hikvision CCTV Dubai continues to develop high-performance, high-definition video surveillance solutions tailored for multiple applications. Hikvision IP CCTV Solution make CCTV surveillance installation more faster, simple and smarter for SMB applications. VDS proud to supply and install Hikvision CCTV products as part of their CCTV product range.The Hikvision’s Smart Solution for business are total IP system for productivity and  security. Hikvision CCTV Systems provides around-the-clock protection with industry leading low light technology.

As a major CCTV systems provider and CCTV distributor in Dubai, we are good at installation of CCTV security in Dubai. Over the years of experience in delivering security solutions, we understand the breadth and depth of communication technologies. So that we take pride in developing security solutions with the Hikvision products for organization and residences. Particularly in a city like Dubai, installing a complete security system is essential, that not only increases the productivity but also keep a close eye on your assets. Hikvision presents other range of security products as well which can be best utilized for designing a complete CCTV security system in Dubai.


Hikvision Distributor Dubai

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Microsoft Supports Open Source

Microsoft Start Supporting Open Source

Microsoft Open Source SupportYou may be surprised to discover that Microsoft has embraced open source in Windows Server 2016 and across applications and expansion tools. It will help Windows Server 2016 work with Linux and additional Open Source systems and applications with Home windows Server 2016. There are plenty of, various optimizations that Microsoft has designed to do this well. Microsoft has announced the general availability of windows Server 2016 and System Centre 2016. This release as well pushes forward Microsoft’s approach of hybrid cloud that’s supported by fresh additions in the form of Docker support and Nano Server.

A major highlight of the windows server 2016 release comes in the sort of built-in containers support. It has enabled the interface of open origin Docker engine to Windows operating-system.Microsoft will provide windows Server, 2016 customers, enterprise support for Commercially Supported Docker Engine.Due to this development, for the first time, IT Support professionals will receive a single program for both Linux and Windows applications on any infrastructure.An integral theme for Microsoft since CEO Satya Nadella took the reins is checking the company to areas that contain traditionally been closed to the organization strategy. Where things such as “Linux” and “open supply” have been diametrically opposed to the Microsoft brain trust for many years, more and considerably more of the company’s products are embracing open source rules and concepts.

An integral theme for Microsoft since CEO Satya Nadella took the reins is checking the company to areas that contain traditionally been closed to the organization strategy. Where things such as “Linux” and “open source” have been diametrically opposed to the Microsoft ideology for many years. Now more of the Microsoft products are embracing open source rules and concepts.

One area which has recently exploded in the wonderful world of hosted applications is going to be containers, particularly through implementations such as for example Docker. Multiple reasons exist for the rapid growth in the attractiveness of container-based applications, including ease of deployment, consistency, scalability, and platform flexibility. Container applications have some similarities to virtual devices in that multiple container apps could be run on an individual host without compromising security or control over learning resource allocation.

Microsoft is a significant and developing contributor to open source projects nowadays, particularly with Microsoft Azure. In 2014, Microsoft started reimagining our Azure components through the lens of open up supply innovation and joined OCP.

Microsoft Supports Open Source

Ransomware Attack Worldwide


Ransomware Attack World Wide

Ransomware DubaiRegarding Security Advisers, a worldwide ransomware harm is slowing, but it has recently hit thousands of computer systems in several hundred countries.But it has already hit thousands of personal computers in more than one hundred countries.ON, MAY 12, the Kaspersky Lab company listed about 45,000 ransomware attacks in 74 countries worldwide, with the major variety of targets.

Kaspersky Lab reported the attack was carried out by using ransomware dubbed WannaCry, which infected computers within a work by cyber attackers to extort money.

There have been no new WannaCry ransomware attacks up to now. However the risk still remains, the United Kingdom National Crime Agency said Monday.Since Friday, 200,000 personal computers across 150 countries were hit by the ransomware cyber attacks, according to the European Union-Firm for POLICE Cooperation (Europol).

Ramsomware attack look likeMalicious software, called WannaCry, infected, among other institutions and organizations, the UK public health system NHS, the German state rail company Deutsche Bahn, the Russian Interior Ministry and banks.

The virus blocked computers with messages flashing on the screen demanding money to eliminate the restriction.

How to avoid Ended Up in a Bad Situation

The ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack could have been prevented. Here’s what businesses need to find out

The attack exposed major shortcomings in the approach of governments as well as businesses about the world to cyber security. And it shows just how limited our existing method of cyber security is when confronted with the widespread option of software exploits and the increasing prevalence of malicious actors online.

Britain’s National Health Service was stricken hard because the cash-strapped hospital system didn’t upgrade to the most recent variants of the windows operating system  and using outdated system Microsoft long ago stopped supporting.

The malware’s spread was slowed Friday partly because Microsoft took the rare step of offering a crisis patch to the old Windows XP systems and partly because a 22-year-old cybersecurity researcher who calls himself MalwareTech learned and activated what has been a “kill switch” buried in the malware code. Companies can’t depend on these types of trends to constrain another attack.

Like so a lot of the malicious activity on the internet, the attack took benefit of known vulnerabilities.

Just what exactly can businesses do right now?

First, every business should examine what it does to safeguard against phishing disorders (i.e., e-mails from criminals with malware fastened, where clicking presents the hazard to the system). Caution and educating employees about these threats is actually a good notion – but a more effective tactic is to perform a “red team” type test by mailing fake phishing e-mails out to employees and experiencing how many people fall for them. Companies may then follow-up with better training after they’ve adequately diagnosed the scope of this vulnerability.

Second, as the WannaCry strike plainly shows, it’s crucial for businesses to ensure they are indeed constantly updating their software and installing appropriate security patches. That does mean keeping current with the latest operating systems; in many cases, a patch might only use the most current system, leaving more old ones in circumstances of ever-worsening security limbo (as has been the circumstance with OR WINDOWS 7).

And the ransomware attack carries another important, related lesson: The patch that Microsoft had pushed out in March didn’t have a huge red sign next to it having said that “URGENT Patch Needed To Prevent Against Devastating Ransomware Attack.” The upgrade was offered silently without further explanation. Whatever the reason for this the actual fact remains that you may not know until it is too overdue whether a revised is a critical cyber security solution or whether it just provides some new feature or fixes an obscure insect in the program.

Every business (whether in the technology sector or not) should think about what its worst-case cyber event would appear to be and how that event would be handled. What corporate governance constructions would activate – and are there ways to raise problems directly to the CEO? Does the legal office have the right type of relationship with the IT people so the attorneys can understand what’s happening? Companies should also consider – in advance – what their policy should be for notifying law enforcement. And, in the event of a ransomware episode, they should consider if they would heed the FBI’s advice not to pay in every condition or would be prepared to use some other methodology if their business depended on it.

Planning for these scenarios and putting safety precautions in place may sound expensive and onerous. But as days gone by weekend shows, the price tag on not finding your way through them can be far higher. If you are in Dubai, you can contact one of the several IT Companies in Dubai. They will Help you secure your Data.

How To Stay Protected- Conclusion

  • Make sure Windows is updated with the latest security patches

  • Don’t click on random links in your inbox or social media

  • Be wary of visiting sites with bad reputation

  • Confirm any strange message from friends before opening

  • Look out for phishing emails or websites that fake major brands (i.e. PayePal instead of Paypal)

  • Use an IT Support Company to Check Your Network Security


Ransomware Attack Worldwide

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Office Network Security Tips


Office network security tips

Office Network Security TipsAs computing network infrastructure become more complex and diffused, keeping company data has emerged more challenging. These systems and network can become vulnerable to attacks from viruses, worms, Trojans etc…that may also affect your company’s network badly and affect your valuable information. All the data from the customer data to payment information, personal files, and other important details will be rigorously hit by this kind of security threats. It could be more devastating if the data loss is due to hacking or other malicious attacks. How you handle this kind of situation, depending on the kind of office network security you have adopted. A usual business might have a different kind of data, some of it was worth and confidential than the others. Anyway, all data one way or another is important to the business. As an organization is it small or big, you should have an upfront security practice – or a set of rules and security policies in place to ensure that all is going well.

Before implementing steps to improve the network security at your office, you should have a basic idea of what and how the security will affect business

  • The possible financial impacts that will have on your business when security breach happens

  • In the case of security breach will your business get affected wholly?

  • What will be the consequences if your website goes down?

  • The importance of having a strong backup policy of the important data

Considering all your future and present needs, it is worth to practice some strong security policies for the benefit of your business. Implementing the security practices in the initial stage seem complex for you, but the advantage it brings will surprise you. Instead of thinking these security practices as a complex issue, consider this as a usual process.

Improve your office network security

To enhance the security policy you can follow some office network security tips to strengthen your computing infrastructure, and none of them take much time to achieve.

  • Encrypt your wireless access points: The first way is to protect your wireless router using WPA2 encryption. It prevents unauthorized users to have access to your network. WPA2 encryption is a network technology used on wireless networks. WPA2 is more secure than the other encryption standards. Moreover, the access to the system must be validated through a strong secured password.

  • Secure your network equipment: Ensure that all your network components such as the routers, access points, switches and other endpoints are secured from the outside users. By doing so, you are leaving no chance to make any changes in the configuration or password access.

  • Make sure all your systems are using the latest and updated versions of recognized Anti-virus software and antispyware programs. Only the updated versions can curb the most recent virus or malware or spyware attacks.

  • No outside hardware – say no to the external device for storing your valuable data. External devices may contain viruses, Ransomware or spyware that pose a threat to your network and systems. Moreover, this restriction reduces the risk of information stealing from the office.

  • Employees shall not be allowed to install illegal software on workstations or mobile devices since this kind of unlawful installation can lead to a security breach.

  • Another area that the security breach can happen is to the backup data. You can encrypt the backup data so only authorized users are able to edit and view this kind of files. Therefore it is important to create encrypted backups of your critical data.

  • Any shared devices on the network shall be provided with the sharing permissions and must define who has and what kind of access the users have.

  • Hacking can avoid through MAC address filtering. By filtering it make the job of hackers desperate to gain the access. With filtering, you can decide the computers and other network devices you can give access to the network.

  • If you require a very secure network, you should consider using 802.1X authentication on both the wired and wireless portions of your network.

Other important tips you can consider is

  • Operating system upgrade

  • Reduce the use of Administrator accounts

  • Keep applications up to date

  • Use an alternate DNS provider

  • Use strong passwords

  • Use a Reliable IT Support Company

For improving network security, you should adapt proven protection strategies such as the implementation of firewalls, good password plan, create a security culture in the company and so on. There are several established vendors that can provide effective mechanisms using firewall, malware blocking, spam filtering, virus protection, phishing locking etc…Firewall protection keeps your network from intrusions, viruses, malware’s, Spywares, Trojans and other attacks as well.

Enhance office network security

If you are really interested in improving the security for your business, it is always good to rely on the services from a trusted security provider. It is better to go with network security solutions using state of the art firewalls such as the SonicWall firewall and Fortinet firewall. The advanced preventive mechanisms and other intrusion solutions earned these firewalls the name as next-generation firewalls in the market.

With years of experience in the domain of security, we are counted as the prominent security provider in Dubai. We are devoted to providing state of the art network security solutions to your business as per the business requirements. Our pool of experts ensures you receive the highest level of network protection using the next generation firewalls such as the Fortinet firewall and SonicWall firewall. With the highly advanced protection features, these firewalls ensure network security throughout protection from the latest security threats. It also provides improved system performance and offers centralized control over the enterprise security. The firewall mechanism makes the intrusion prevention high, provides a broad level of protection against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware and other malicious attempts. With the content filtering mechanism, you can set permissions for email or web pages thus preventing the offensive materials to gain access to the net.


Office Network Security Tips

Telephone Companies in Dubai


Telephone Company in Dubai Telephone companies in Dubai

How important is telecommunication to the overall development of the industry? To what extent is the business likely to benefit from the telephone systems (PBX and IP PBX systems) regarding productivity and effectiveness? Underlying these questions is the curiosity how telephone communication has changed the world. The fact is that the telephone systems remains an imperative element to the health and effectiveness of any enterprises. Telephone communication is one of the vital forms of communication within a company, and it is the medium through which the first contact is being made. With the advent of the internet, the form of communication has become easy, versatile and affordable. The technologies used for communication have changed over the years, and the internet caused the industry to replace traditional telephone system (PBX) with the IP PBX system (VOIP PBX system). Business has good reasons to employ PABX telephone system in Dubai for their business. If you have been decided to implement advanced telephone system for your business, it is worth investing with a reliable telecommunication company in Dubai.

What are the advantages in using the telephone system?

Telephony enables the users within an office environment to connect and communicate with each other. This is especially useful in the larger environment where the employees sitting in varied places can communicate each other from their respective positions.  With the PBX systems, an organization can manage both the incoming and outgoing phone calls easily. PBX can be a better option for internal communication among the employees, they just need to dial only the extension number instead of dialing full number to contact a colleague. Also, it allows the internal communication very easier within a business. IP PBX system does offer the same features as the traditional systems, but the difference lies in the way the data is being exchanged. It facilitates the data transmission over IP data networks. Compared to the traditional telephone system, IP PBX has many advanced calling features such as the call forwarding, call waiting, etc…

Choosing the right telephone system installation in Dubai?

Having a reliable and cutting edge phone system could be a very important decision for your enterprise.

When it comes to the type of telephone systems, you have the choice before you to pick the right kind of system for your business. It will be worth to get the system installed by a leading telephone system suppliers in Dubai. With the perfect choice of solutions, they help you to design and implement appropriate PABX phone system in Dubai for the organization. As a leader in providing state of the art telephone systems in Dubai, we help to get the job done with the products of world class system manufacturers. We are good at offering the kind of systems including the PBX/PABX telephone system and IP PBX telephone system in Dubai, UAE.

  • PBX or private branch exchange is a telephone system within the organization that switches calls among the users on the local lines and also allow the users to share a certain number. In the traditional private branch exchange (PBX) the switching is done manually by an operator whereas in the case of PABX the switching is made automatic-hence the name Private automatic branch exchange (PABX).

  • An IP PBX system also does offer the same functionality as that of the traditional PBX system. It is also possible to switch calls among traditional and VOIP lines. In the case of the IP PBX systems, the system make use of the Internet to make the communication possible. It can also interoperate with the traditional PBX.

Choosing the suitable option

The pros and cons of the traditional PBX systems and the IP PBX systems can be differentiated using the factors such as the cost, reliability and the quality.

  • In PBX the monthly charge depends primarily on the calls made. In the case of IP PBX system, it is the broadband fee will apply.

  • Reliability is higher with the PBX systems since it works on the telephone wire, even if the power goes it will work. IP PB system fully depends on internet connection. It cannot be sure that the business receives reliable internet connection always.

The selection of choice may vary depending on the business size and functionality. Still many business favor PABX telephone system in Dubai, but others go for the advanced IP PBX telephone system. As being a prominent phone company in Dubai, we have the expertise to provide the sort of telephone system you always have wanted. We believe that a proper telephone system provides the key benefits of communication.

However, IP PBX system has more advantages than the traditional PBX’s

  • It uses your broadband line for the communication.

  • Easier to install and configure

  • The IP PBX systems can be managed using graphical user interface

  • Significant cost savings

  • Scalable and reliable

  • Advanced calling features

  • Easy to integrate with the software applications such as the CRM and other packages

  • Simpler management

  • Easier to configure and install

  • Can add more extensions

Effectively engaging and delivering the best that makes your business powerful

For the telephone systems installation in Dubai, we use systems of the large global players including Avaya, Grandstream, Panasonic, Cisco, NEC, Asterisk, Samsung, LG-Ericsson, etc… To stay competent and vibrant among your competitors, it is important to be equipped with a latest PABX telephone system in Dubai. Being the leading telephone system distributor in UAE, we have right solutions with right products that enable your business to reach advanced levels. With years of experience in the telephony domain, we understand each aspect of the communication technologies, so we do not find any issues in dealing with any complex communication requirements. With our dedicated service, we ensure complete participation of all the communication resources effectively.

Having the solutions with us would be great benefits regarding productivity, and financially, Additionally, it will prepare your business to be more dynamic and vibrant. Our services are functioning in the region of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman as well. Get the system done with the leading Telephone Company in Dubai. Our IP telephony solutions are really astonishing and definitely will have a fruitful impact on the way the business communicates.

Telephone System – What to Know Before Buy

It is imperative for officers to have adequate communication to be able to conduct their daily business operations seamlessly and in a stress-free manner. It promotes productivity and enhances unit cohesion and better results or outcome. However, it is also highly important for businesses to have their telephone systems of high quality and efficiency, being simultaneously adequately set up and installed. This is an area where we can be of help. Be it beginning small scale businesses or established business conglomerates our systems are made to fit the needs of business on different scales and structure. For small scale businesses, we can work up a simple but also highly effective telephone system that is easily set up and ready to go in about half an hour. This type of system doesn’t need any special wires and includes a variety of specifications that make allowance for them to still maintain the professional outlook and be taken more seriously. They include automated answering machine, auto receptionists, voicemail to email, etc.

As expected, the systems we’ll be installing for larger companies will require specialized networking, wiring, and additional features. With our professionals on the ground,  you can rest assured that we are adequately up to the task.

The process starts with determining the telephone system that will be ideal for your business, and that will suit it perfectly. We’ll pick a mobile service provider whose track record and repertoire of services match your needs. Our research will be based on reviews, videos, etc. Once you get perfect service provider, you can look through their catalog to select a plan that fits your business consumption pattern and simultaneously works within your budget. Once all these steps are complete and take care of, we’ll set out immediately and work on getting your business telephone system up and running as soon as possible.

Telephone Companies in Dubai